Toon Van Ishoven is an Antwerp, Belgium based visual artist/designer. He creates murals, paintings, graphic and audiovisual designs. He makes original, free art as well as commissioned pieces. He likes switching between solo-work and teaming-up with theatre directors, writers, choreographers, fellow-artists etc.
"Life is a fairground, i like being challenged and getting new ideas by trying out new attractions."
I love making murals: Each wall or space influences the content i choose for it. I like integrating the specific shape or architectural features of a building, a pillar or an interior space into my design. My painting technique consists of about 2/3 of brushwork and 1/3 of spraycans and/or airbrush. It allows me to give the piece a substantial level of realism and a 3-dimensional feel.
I make time lapses of most of my murals. You can find them on YouTube by clicking on this link
6 x18 m mural for '11.11.11', a non-profit organisation, Kortrijk, produced by Treepack
8 x 7 m mural for Academie Merksem, Belgium's first Children's Rights Academy, produced by Treepack.
5,5 x 8,7 m mural for the courtyard of an apartment complex, Antwerpen, produced by Treepack.
4 x 10 m mural, commissioned by the City of Leuven's public library, produced by Treepack. Newsvideo here: https://www.robtv.be/nieuws/schitterende-nieuwe-muurschildering-in-hartje-leuven-100201?fbclid=IwAR1VLzsb3_2RQ_9zL2xkYhbUAZAijS8SxXWH1EUm3ji-9U18Q7NmEZ4SuTk
'Urban jungle'
Mural 4 x 10 m for Zeb for Stars, children's fashion store, Hasselt
Mural 4 X 9 m for primary school 'De Boomhut' ('The Treehouse'), Berchem. Newsvideo here: https://youtu.be/4tbcsfpDuVY
14 x 10 m mural, commissioned by the City of Antwerp, prod. Treepack, commemorating the impact of a WW2 V2-bomb, Meistraat, Antwerpen
'Intensive care'
Mural on 950m harbor wall, produced by Wallin', Antwerpen
'The Fight'
Mural for Treepack / Tizarte: 3D street-art festival, Antwerp
Private outdoor mural, Wilrijk
Indoor mural for Red Lion Arthouse, Mortsel
Indoor trompe-l'oeil mural for a restaurant, Antwerpen
'Ape #7''
Home interior mural for interior decorator Marie Haverbeke
'Ape #6 / ''James"'
Interior mural for a law firm's office
'Ape #5'
Mural at Werregarenstraatje, Ghent
Ape #4
The Cool Wall, Merksem
'Ape #3'
Mural at intersection, Wilrijk
'Ape #2'
Mural for PillaAr12 street art happening, Wilrijk
Ape #1
Mural for PillaAr12 street art happening, Wilrijk
'Guitar player'
Indoor mural for a music studio at Da Vinci International School, Antwerp
'Feel fit'
Indoor mural for 'Feel Fit' training center, Averbode
'Moving Minds'
Indoor mural for UCLL university, Diepenbeek
'Five apes'
Indoor mural for art supply and framing shop De Wieuw, Antwerp
'Tour Elentrik'
Street art for Treepack / 'Tour Elentrik' Brasschaat
'Tour Elentrik'
Street art for Treepack / 'Tour Elentrik' Brasschaat
Mural for Aquatopia, public aquarium
Bathroom mural
acrylics & airbrush
'Growth' - 1-minute mural painting process
3D mural of WW2 V2 bomb impact - aftermovie

Monkey #1 - pillar mural - making of

'The Fight' - Mural for Tizarte 3D street art Festival Antwerp

I always turn back to painting. There's a special feeling about applying paint to canvas, about getting in a flow when your eyes and hands work together in observing and interpreting forms and colors influenced by light. Subject-wise, they often are 'pictures of pictures': by starting from image-material that already is a representation of something else the painting creates a "visual shift" in the viewer's perception. Painting something that's artficial, like a doll or a movie-still photograph, often gives the painting a very specific kind of realism. Something between real and not real.
'Incognito #3'
oil on linen - 80 x 60 cm
'Incognito #2'
oil on linen - 80 x 60 cm
Gogo #1
oil on canvas - 60 x 80 cm
Captain America
alkyd on canvas - 40 x 60 cm
The Plot
alkyd on canvas - 40 x 60 cm
oil on canvas - 60 x 80 cm
The Plot
alkyd on canvas - 40 x 60 cm
oil on canvas - 60 x 80 cm
Through the years i've explored many visual disciplines. I've explored the visual and theatrical potential of videoprojection. I've made stage designs teaming up with stage directors, choreographers, writers, fellow artists etc. and often find myself doing stuff i've never done before, like constructing a 6m high, manoeuvrable giant out of willow branches.
design and construction
'Kijk eens wat ik kan'
stage design & projection visuals
'Homo Domesticus'
interactive video-installation
'Don Juan'
stage design & projection visuals
Video mapping
audiovisual show
Tom Lanoye
projection visuals
Got a wall or space to spare?
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Toon Van Ishoven
De Braekeleerstraat 10, 2018 Antwerpen
Phone: +32 (0)496 24 45 45
E-mail: artoon@telenet.be
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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